Shedule for 26th November

9:00 h Welcome

9:15 h Guest Speaker: Gwyneth Ingram (CNRS/Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon, France): Pre-deployment establishment of surface barriers during plant reproduction

10:00 Coffee Break

Parallel session 1: Development

10:10 Javier Brumós (IBMCP, UPV-CSIC): Dissecting plant responses to hormones: from root development to fruit ripening.

10:40 Ainoa Planas Riverola (CRAG, CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB): Precise transcriptional control of cellular quiescence by BRAVO/WOX5 complex in Arabidopsis roots.

10:55 José Manuel Pérez Pérez (Universidad Miguel Hernández): An Auxin-mediated regulatory framework for wound-induced adventitious root formation in tomato shoot explants.

11:10 Paz Merelo (IBMCP, UPV-CSIC): Characterization of the cellular and molecular events controlling the proliferative arrest in Arabidopsis thaliana.

11:25 Anna Solé Gil (IBMCP, UPV-CSIC): The role of vascular development genes in non-vascular plants.

Parallel session 2: Plant interaction with others organisms

10:10 Rosa Lozano Durán (Chinese Academy of Sciences-Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology, Shangai, China): Pathogen effectors as probes: a multifunctional viral protein sheds light on chloroplast-mediated defences.

10:40 Andrea Sánchez Vallet (Institute of Integrative Biology, Zürich, Switzerland – CBGP, UPM-INIA): Chromatin dynamics contribute to the spatiotemporal expression pattern of effector genes in a fungal plant pathogen.

10:55 Diego Rebaque (CBGP, UPM-INIA): Cell wall-derived β-1,3/1,4-glucans trigger plant immune responses.

11:10 Diego López Márquez (IHSM, UMA-CSIC): miR825-5p targets TIR-NBS-LRR genes to downregulate basal immunity against Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis.

11:25 Ana López Sánchez (CNB, CSIC): Exploring the role of mitochondrial changes in the epigenetically controlled immune priming.

11:40 Coffee Break

12:00 Parallel session 1: Development (continue)

12:00 Myriam Calonje (IBVF, US-CSIC): H2AK121ub in Arabidopsis associates with a less accessible chromatin state at transcriptional regulation hotspots.

12:15 Javier Barrero Gil (CBGP, UPM-INIA): H4 acetylation, a switch for greener plastids.

12:30 Parallel session 3: Technology tools.

12:30 Javier Gallego Bartolomé (IBMCP, UPV-CSIC): Targeted manipulation of DNA methylation in plants.

13:00 José M. Franco Zorrilla (CNB, CSIC): DNA features beyond the transcription factor binding sites specify target recognition by plant bHLHs.

13:15 Luis Orduña (I2SYSBIO, UV-CSIC): DAP-Seq used to unveil MYB cistrome landscapes specifically associated to the regulation of secondary metabolism in grape.

13:30 Mireia Uranga (IBMCP, UPV-CSIC): Efficient CAS9 multiplex editing using unspaced sgRNA arrays engineering in a potato virus X vector.



12:00 Parallel session 4: Metabolism

12:00 Manuel Rodríguez-Concepción (IBMCP, UPV-CSIC): New ways of improving carotenoid production and storage in plant cells.

12:30 Irene García (IBVF, US-CSIC): From cyanide metabolism to signaling in plant response to pathogens: who is the enemy?

12:45 Inmaculada Coleto (UPV/EHU): Ammonium nutrition and iron homeostasis interact via MYB28 and MYB29 transcription factors.

13:00 Ángel Chávez (CRAG, CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB): Glycosylated sterols play an important role in tomato plant and fruit development.

13:15 Vicent Arbona (Universitat Jaume I): Metabolic and genetic responses of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L. Mill) to soil flooding associated to ABA signaling.

13:45 Lunch
15:30 Poster Session (2,5 hours)