Dr. David Posé Padilla
Presidente del Comité

My research career has been focused on understanding how plants perceive environmental signals and how this information is translated into developmental outcomes. Particularly, I have focused on two important aspects of the plant-environment interaction: 1) The identification and characterization of genes involved in abiotic stress tolerance, and 2) the study of transcription factors (TFs) involved in the regulation of the floral transition and fruit ripening. In 2015, funded by a Starting Grant (ERC), I establish my own research team. Our current interest is on studying the gene regulatory network controlling strawberry fruit ripening, applying molecular, omics and bioinformatic approaches. Moreover, we aim to identify unexploited allelic variants from a wild germplasm collection (Fragaria vesca accessions) associated with agronomic traits (sugar content, volatile profile, firmness, etc.).

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