Dra. Noemí Ruiz López
Member Organizing Committee

I am a Plant Lipid Biochemistry researcher whose career has been focused on enhancing the nutritional and industrial value of crop plants and to improve agronomic performance of crops. At present I am working to deepen our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of lipid transport and lipid signalling located at contacts sites between the endoplasmic reticulum and the plasma membrane that occur in response to abiotic stresses in plants. In particular, I am interested in a family of proteins named Synaptotagmins and their relationship with diacylglycerolkinases. My research uses genetic and biochemical approaches combined with techniques of microscopy and high throughput lipidomics in order to investigate the molecular mechanisms used by plants to perceive and respond to various types of abiotic stress. Maintaining yield and quality traits of crops is the centre of my research strategy, and for that reason a greater knowledge of how lipids are linked to environmental perturbations is essential.

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