Dra. Sonia Osorio Algar
Member Organizing Committee

Sonia Osorio graduated (Master and Ph.D.) from University of Malaga and was a postdoc fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (Alisdair Fernie´s group). She is currently a Professor at the University of Malaga leading the laboratory of Biotechnology of Fruits (https://www.ihsm.uma-csic.es/investigadores/118). Her research interests´ center on uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying the production of plant metabolites related with aroma, taste and postharvest properties. Activities are centered on understanding early events in the regulation of the ripening transition using strawberry and tomato as a model, an exploring the conservation of ripening mechanisms in those fruits. Her lab combines cutting-edge metabolomics in fruit development and postharvest. Sonia has made a series of breakthrough achievements in fruit development and maturity molecule regulation network published in more than 70 papers in international mainstream journals such as Nature, Nature Communications, The Plant Cell, and Plant Physiology and more than 15 book chapters. Those papers have been cited for more than 8,500 times accumulatively.

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