Dra. Victoria Sánchez Vera
Member Organizing Committee

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow at IHSM. Autophagy, the main catabolic pathway conserved in almost all eukaryotes, is an essential process for cell homeostasis and participates in a number of developmental processes in plants, from developmental cell death to cell differentiation and reprogramming. Besides, autophagy plays a key role in the resistance to different type of stresses, both biotic and abiotic. Strawberry, one of the most economically important crops produced in the south of Spain, is facing a main challenge with the present situation of global warming. My project tries to elucidate the role of autophagy during strawberry fruit ripening and during drought and heat resistance, with the aim of developing biotechnology tools that will help breeders to produce more resistant strawberry lines to those stresses.
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