Gwyneth Ingram

After completing a PhD in studying Antirrhinum flower development, and a postdoc studying maize embryo development, I started by own group at the University of Edinburgh in 2000 studying epidermal specification during Arabidopsis embryogenesis. My interests gradually evolved towards mechanical signaling and its roles in both epidermal integrity and intercompartmental communication in seeds. Ultimately this stimulated me to move to the Plant Reproduction and Development (RDP)-Laboratory in Lyon in 2010. I am currently a CNRS research director and my team is focused on understanding how the different genetically distinct compartments (embryo, endosperm and seed coat) of developing seeds communicate to ensure their coordinated development. Our work encompasses both biophysical aspects of seed development (including the role of mechanical cues in developmental coordination) and chemical communication. In particular our recent work has focused on peptide-mediated signaling pathways that ensure the timely and efficient formation of the embryo-endosperm interface, ensuring seedling survival at germination.

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